Noun Writing Exercises

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Select the correct noun to complete the sentence.

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1. Canada is a (NOUNS CARD 6) occupying most of northern North America.

2. Canada uses both the English (NOUNS CARD 30) and the French (NOUNS CARD 30).

3. Canada generates a lot of (NOUNs CARD 50) using water (NOUNS CARS 10).

4. Canada has the second largest mass of (NOUNS CARD 34) in the (NOUNS CARD 4).

5. There is a large amount of (NOUNS CARD 57) in Canada.

Sentence Master Practice Noun Cards for English grammar noun writing exercises

6. Canada has an income (NOUNS CARD 38) and a consumption (NOUNS CARD 38).

7. The trading (NOUNS CARD 37) between Canada and the USA is strong.

8. Canada has a short (NOUNS CARD 33) all displayed in a big (NOUNS CARD32).

9. (NOUNS CARD 29) is no longer a criminal sentence in Canada.

10. It was a wild (NOUNS CARD 5), we could see it through the (NOUNS CARD 35).

Sentence Master Practice Noun Cards for English grammar noun writing exercises

11. Everytime a new Harry Potter Book is released, people form a long (NOUNS CARD 13) in front of a book store.

12. He has a (NOUNS CARD 29) of humor.

13. The new product has successfully met the consumer's (NOUNS CARD 45).

14. All the audience was fascinated by the dancer's (NOUNS CARD 42).

15. Tough (NOUNS CARD 86) is expected for the contest's grand prize.

Sentence Master Practice Noun Cards for English grammar noun writing exercises

16. She is not coming because of a private (NOUNS CARD 22).

17. If you return the product in the original (NOUNS CARD 26),you will get a full (NOUNS CARD 89).

18. In that (NOUNS CARD 3), its better to change our plan.

19. Some people have a great (NOUNS CARD 55) in arts, sports and academics.

20. we hope that the (NOUNS CARD 5) will be dealt with in the right (NOUNS CARD 1).

Sentence Master Practice Noun Cards for English grammar noun writing exercises

The Sentence Master word cards can be used as an English language: game, quiz, exercise, assignment, test, exam, puzzle, competition, practice questions, practice problems, skill assessment or evaluation tool.

The Sentence Master word cards can also be used as a basis for English language vocabulary practice, learning new vocabulary, discussing English language context, comparing and contrasting vocabulary and meaning in sentences.

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