Sentence Master English Writing Grid Quizes

We are assuming that you have completed all the Sentence Master exercises. We are assuming that you have completed all the one word card: article, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, verb, noun and pronoun exercises. We are assuming that you completed all the two, three and four word card exercises to form complete sentences.

We are assuming that you have completed all the 6, 8 and 10 word card practice challenges and are looking for a more advanced test of your English language writing skills.

This is a Sentence Master English Writing Grid Quiz.

We can define a grid from the world of surveying and mapping as a basic system of reference lines for a region, consisting of straight lines intersecting at right angles. A grid can also be defined as a network of horizontal and perpendicular lines, uniformly spaced, for locating points on a surface, using a system of coordinates.

There are many definitions of a quiz: an examination consisting of a few short questions; examination of someone's knowledge; an exercise or a series of exercises conducted as an examination; a competition in which you answer questions; to ask someone a lot of questions; A short oral or written test.

The rules for the Sentencemaster Grid Quiz are very simple and basic.

Players can use only one word from each of the word cards to create English sentences.

Players can create sentences with word cards that touch each other starting from left to right.

Scoring is one point for each complete English sentence. (must be a real sentence)

Player with the most complete sentences wins.

Links to the practice Grid Quizes

Sentence Master Grid Quiz 6a

Sentence Master Grid Quiz 7a

Sentence Master Grid Quiz 8a

Sentence Master Grid Quiz 9a

Players can email their entries to: Sentence Master English Writing Grid Quiz

Players must provide their gender, age, city, nation, region, first language and their status as a student or teacher in their email.

Please submit your sentence and the word cards used to form the sentence. Short forms: ar=articles, aj=adjective, ad=adverb, pr=pronoun, pp=preposition, no=noun, ve=verb, co=conjunction,

Your emails and addresses will not be disclosed, sold or given to any third parties.

We will post the best entries - Good luck with your entry!!

Sentence Master English Writing Grid Quizes are free to practice specific sentence construction skills, using the parts of speech, phrases and clauses.

Sentence Master Practice Word Cards

Practice your English with friends, family and classmates. Play writing games and have fun while learning. Use the practice word cards to create millions of English sentences, clauses and phrases.

You can buy the Blueprint for English eBook which includes the practice word cards and download it right away at Lulu. Use this link - Yes it is faster and cheaper and includes more.

You get: SentenceMaster Conjunction Cards, Article Cards, Verb Cards, Noun Cards, Pronoun Cards, Preposition Cards, Adverb Cards, Adjective Cards and some free bonus word cards.

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