How to Write the Four Types of English Sentences

How to Write English Sentences 3

We know from "How to Write English Sentences 1 and 2" that before you write an English sentence some decisions have to be made.

1. What is the single or complete thought that you are stating, describing, explaining or asking.

2. Which of six basic English sentence construction formats best suits your sentence.

3. What type of sentence best matches your thought: declarative, imperative, interrogative or exclamatory.

Lets review the four English sentence types in greater detail.

The four kinds of sentences declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory.

1. A declarative sentence makes a statement. A declarative sentence states an idea. A declarative sentence usually ends in a period.

Example: The hockey finals will be broadcast tomorrow.

2. An imperative sentence asks, requests, orders or commands someone to do something.

Example: Pass the puck to the open man.

3. An interrogative sentence usually asks a question. There are four types, yes or no interrogatives, wh-interrogatives, alternative interrogatives and tag questions.

How', 'when', 'where' and 'why' are interrogative adverbs used to inquire about manner, time, place and purpose. 'Who', 'whose', 'whom', 'what' and 'which' are interrogative pronouns used to inquire about the subject or object of a verb.

English writers use a question mark [ ? ] at the end of a direct question. When brief questions are more or less follow-up questions to the main question, each of the little questions can begin with a lowercase letter and end with a question mark. The question mark may be inserted into parentheses, to show that something is uncertain.

Simple Interrogative Sentence Examples:
How often do you study English?
When do you study English?
Where do you study English?
Why do you study English with a tutor?
Who is the best Business English teacher?
What is the best English grammar book?
Which English school has the best teachers?

4. An exclamatory sentence shows strong feeling. An exclamation is an emotional utterance that is spoken. An exclamation can be a word, phrase, or complete English sentence spoken with great emotion or intensity. An exclamation is usually written as an interjection.

Exclamation points are usually out of place in formal writing. Use an exclamation point [ ! ] at the end of an emphatic declaration, interjection, or command. Declarative, imperative, or interrogative sentences can be made into exclamatory sentences by punctuating them with an exclamation point.

Simple Exclamatory Sentence Examples:
Stop that man!
Go to the end!
Do it now!

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