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How to Write English Sentences using Verb Tenses

When writing English sentences the writer may have a simple subject or a combination of subject and an object. To describe any actions or states of being the writer must use a verb or verbs to show who or what initiated, experienced or received the action or state of being.

The selection of verb and verb tense provides the writer with a wide variety of choices when expressing the relationships between the subjects, objects and external factors such as time.

The following is a simple set of examples of verb tenses and sentences.

1. [verb]
I study English everyday.

1. [verb + ed]
Two years ago, I studied English in Canada.

1. [am/is/are] + [going to] + [verb]
I am going to study English next year in Canada.
2. [will] + [verb]
I will study English tomorrow.

1. [am / is / are] + [verb + ing]
I am studying English now.

1. [was /were] + [verb + ing]
I was studying English when you called this morning.

1. [will be] + [verb + ing] 2. [am /is /are] + [going to be] + [verb + ing]
I will be studying English when you arrive today.
We are going to be studying English next year in Canada.

1. [has /have] + [past participle]
I have studied English in several Canadian cities.

1. [had] + [past participle]
I had studied English before I moved to Canada.

1. [will have] + [past participle]
I will have studied all the verb tenses by the end of today.
2. [am/is/are] + [going to have] + [past participle]
We are going to have studied all the chapters by five o'clock.

1. [has/have] + [been] + [verb + ing]
I have been studying English for two years.

1. [had been] + [verb + ing]
I had been studying English for two years before I moved to Canada.

1. [will have been] + [verb + ing]
I will have been studying English for one hour by the time you arrive.
2. [am/is/are] + [going to have been] + [verb + ing]
We are going to have been studying for three hours.

The process of writing an English sentence is much easier when the writer starts with a basic thought and systematically experiments with all of the sentence types and English parts of speech, phrases, clauses and verb tenses to see how to accurately express the complete thought.

If you liked this page of English grammar explanations and samples and would like more - you can buy the 96 page grammar summary "Blueprint for English" eBook (for 5 dollars)and get the SentenceMaster practice word cards. Use this grammar eBook to become an English writer.

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