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The English language can be organized in small little pieces that make learning easy.

Learning English in small little pieces is like building a hill one shovelful at a time.

Organized easy learning only requires your basic attention, time and patience.

There are a few tools that you can use to make learning English even more efficient.

Using a vocabulary diary, set of timed repetitions and mnemonic triggers can help all English language learners excel.

Sentence Master Games help students write English phrases, clauses and whole sentences.

Sentence Master games provides practical English grammar applications to understand the grammar rules and style.

Sentence Master Games help students expand their vocabulary, enhance comprehension and writing skill flexiblity.

Sentence Master has four language skill levels available for elementary, middle school, high school and adults.

Regular Sentence Master game playing will assist students increase English literacy from beginner to fluency levels.

Special Sentence Master game versions and themes will include English terms, words and vocabulary lists for computers, sports, environment, movies and current events.

Sentence Master English Writing Games for Teachers

Sentence Master is the first English writing game that facilitates and reinforces the teaching and learning of: the parts of speech, phrases, clauses and complete sentences.

The Sentence Master games are structured to provide full interactive English communicative-methodology educational experiences for all game players. The levels of difficulty are structured to be challenging for all ages and all English language proficiencies. Sentence Master Games can be used in English lessons, classes, workshops, seminars, as add-on exercises, writing practice, writing activities or as a free test.

Sentence Master games can be used to instruct and reinforce grammar rules and can be adjusted by teachers to cover specific grammar rules, lessons, classes, modules and topics. Using the Sentence Master Games will enable ESL teachers to teach English vocabulary and put vocabulary lists in use to construct English sentences.

The Sentence Master game is fully compatible for use in communicative ESL teaching formats and group work. Sentence Master Games are designed to allow communicative group interaction during English writing and grammar skills instruction and provides a fun activity using English grammar skills.

Using Sentence Master will provide teachers with the ability to encourage "practice, practice and practice again" all the variables necessary to construct proper English sentences, clauses and phrases.

We suggest using Sentence Master in English writing classes, writing exercises, lessons, programs, curriculums, education resources, teaching material resources, educational games, educational activities class contests. The Sentence Master Games Contests are an excellent venue to provide writing tips, techniques, style rules, and practice specific grammar skills writing English phrases, clauses and sentences.

What English Should I study to score high on English Tests?

There is only one English language.
There are a variety of programs and courses that overlap each other. Many business English courses cover 90% of what students require to pass the TOEIC exam. Many advanced English courses cover 90 % of what is required to pass TOEFL, TOEIC, AP, IELTS and other English tests.

Many Toeic, toefl, IELTS courses only provide practice tests without teaching any vocabulary the four English skills and applied grammar practice. Students must create a plan to increase all applied English skills, vocabulary and become comfortable with the test requirements and answer formats.

Students should take combinations of programs to Score High on English Language tests.

For example: Advanced students could take 100 hours of business English, 200 hours of academic preparation and 10 hours of toefl test prep and score high on the new TOEFL test . The only secret is to have a balance of applied English skills and factual knowledge. The following is an example of a balanced study program.

  • 20% vocabulary
  • 15% grammar comprehension
  • 15% reading comprehension
  • 15% listening comprehension
  • 15% writing skills, short answer and essay
  • 15% speaking skills
  • 5% practicing test formats
  • To have a test preparation program designed for you contact ESL in Canada for a consultation with an educational consultant.

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How to Score HIGH on NEW English Tests

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Online Business, ESL and English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

The online classes can be designed for individual students or groups of students.

Classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

Students will be level tested to determine what English skills and vocabulary have been acquired and what instruction should be provided.

A study plan and goals will be set for the students or groups.

All online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

Students can use their self-isolation and quarantine time to study online.

Online Business, ESL and English Classes

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