Sentence Master Word Card Poker

Introduction to Sentence Master Word Card Poker

To set up the word card poker game keep the word cards in separate piles.

Put the word cards face down.

You can put the pronouns in with the nouns to form one pile.

Players will draw from the top and discard to the bottom of the selected pile.

Just like real poker Sentence Master word poker starts with everyone having the same number of cards.

We suggest the initial "hand" to be:
2 from the nouns and adjectives, one card from adverbs, verbs, prepositions and articles.

Use dice to determine first player - go clockwise.

Players draw one card and discard one card for each turn.
(players choice of pile - must be same type ie: draw and discard a noun)

First player to create a complete eight word sentence "calls" and lays down his sentence.

All players lay down their cards to form either a complete sentence, clause or phrase with their existing word cards.

Scoring is 3 points for each word in a complete sentence using all 8 word cards.

Scoring is 2 points for each word in a complete sentence using less than 8 word cards.

Scoring is 1 point for each word in a clause or phrase using less than 8 word cards.

Penalty is minus 3 points for every unused word card.

Every player will have a score for their hand could be plus or minus number. This should be recorded and totaled.

We recommend having a winner every round for beginners, every 3 for intermediate and from 5 to 10 for advanced players.


Sentence Master Rules should be adjusted for kids, teens, ESL students or ESL adults to enjoy playing together with an "equal opportunity" to win.

Always complete the Seven Basic Game Rules before beginning to Play

1. All game players must agree to game version rules before starting to play.

2. The order of turns has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

3. Sentence Master Game scoring has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

4. Sentence Master Game timing or turns has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

5. Sentence Master Card distribution has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

6. The English grammar criteria has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

7."How the winner is determined" has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

Remember to have fun with your Sentence Master Game playing.

Sentence Master Practice Word Cards

Practice your English with friends, family and classmates. Play writing games and have fun while learning. Use the practice word cards to create millions of English sentences, clauses and phrases.

You can buy the Blueprint for English eBook which includes the practice word cards and download it right away at Lulu.

Use this link - Yes it is faster and cheaper and includes more.

You get: SentenceMaster Conjunction Cards, Article Cards, Verb Cards, Noun Cards, Pronoun Cards, Preposition Cards, Adverb Cards, Adjective Cards and some free bonus word cards.

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